Best Mellanni Bed Sheet Set Review

Buying a set of bed sheets is not just choosing the color of your choice but definitely more than that. You want to buy the best one as you’ll be sleeping on these beautiful sheets every night. Although choosing the bed sheet is a subjective matter but then also there are certain things which are constant and universally true for all like a fitting, durability, comfort, easy to wash and use, and can be easily folded. In following lines, you’ll be able to see mellanni bed sheet set review because which we have done after intuitive  research on customer feed backs and ratings.

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set Review

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If you are looking out for the best-fitted bed sheets, then mellanni bed sheets will be the answer for you. Available at an affordable price and in different colors too, so choose the one which suits your home decor.

It is made from microfiber fabric which is extremely soft and breathable. So fabric used is 100% polyester, it adds more convenience as you don’t have to worry much about the stains, shrink, and wrinkles.

Mellani has an elastic all around the sheet making it an easy fit, but not like others where elastic is provided just on the corners.

Highlighted Features:

#. Made from high-quality 100% brushed micro-fiber which is 100% silky soft polyester fabric.

#. Comes in queen size Luxury in 4pc bed sheet set – 1 flat sheet of size 102″x90″, one fitted sheet of size 80″x60″, and two pillowcases of size 20″x30″.

#. Elastic is all around, not just around the corners, which makes it best fit the mattress (up to 16 inches).

#. As the fabric is polyester, no need to worry for stains, fade, wrinkles, and shrinking.

#. Hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites.

#. Easily machine-washable and quickly gets dry.

#. More than 30 colors are available.

#. Lifetime Guarantee.

Pros and Cons


  • Super soft and Silky fabric The material is very light and stain resistant- easy to wash and quickly dries. Unmatched affordable price. A wide range of luxurious color options and patterns available breathable fabric and also keeps the fabric moisture free Comes in Queen size much comfortable durable as the material is microfiber stays cool during warm nights and warm in cool nights. It’s hypoallergenic feature keeps dust mites and other allergens away Good fit with deep pocket elastic all around (up to 16 inches mattress) Quick customer service lifetime warranty gives 100% satisfaction


  • Sometimes feels like top-sheet material is too thin In natural light, not true to colors The flat top sheet doesn’t come with matching hem care tag flag is on the top of the flat sheet, which sometimes makes sleep irritated.

Frequently Asked And Questions

1. How is the feel?

Ans. The feel is extremely soft and comfortable. So you will stay cool in the night as they are described as the softest sheets.

2. What kind of fabric is used to make these bed sheets?

Ans. Made from high-quality 100% brushed micro-fiber which is 100% silky soft polyester fabric.

3. Does a sheet get slipped?

Ans. No, as deep pocket elastic is provided all around, not just around the corners, which makes it best fit to the mattress (fits up to 16 inches).

4. Can these sheets be used for a longer period? Do they start smelling?

Ans. Yes, these can be used for long. The bed sheets remain fresh as made from breathable microfibers, dust mites, moisture, and other allergens are kept away being hypoallergenic.

5. What is the Guarantee of the fabric and a product as a whole?

Ans.Comes with Lifelong Guarantee. So what else do you need from the manufacturer to authenticate the product’s value for money!


As we said earlier selecting the right bed sheet is an individual subjective matter as we all have different wants, needs, and expectation.

But mellanni bed sheet set review which we have done so far. Because makes us understand that it has something for everybody be it from the daily use perspective from health and value for money.

The manufacturer has ensured or paid attention to every little detail which generally comes first in the mind of a customer when they buy bed-sheets.

When it comes with an opportunity to exchange and return your bed-sheet bundle if anything goes wrong, makes it worth buying. Because comes with lifelong guarantee.

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